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Role of Ethical Hacker for National Security

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  • Role of Ethical Hacker for National Security

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    Day by day, we are witnessing digital convergence of communication, services and workflows in organizations at an ever increasing rate. Governments, businesses & industries and social organizations, regardless of their organizational types, structure, and services they provide, all are adopting digital platforms for the right information and service delivery to the right people at the right time.

    The proliferation in adoption of digital platforms by organizations has also led to questions on safety, security, reliability and quality of services to their consumers, end-users, partners and stakeholders at large. The risks that arise due to lack of safe, secure, reliable and quality digital services impact not only individuals or particular businesses but the nation and society as a whole.

    When the safety, security, reliability and quality of service are breached, organizations face lack of direction and tremendous pressure on resolving the issues. Many organizations, although have business continuity plans in place, find it very difficult to be resilient when such breaches occur.

    Information Security Response Team, Nepal, also known as npCert, was established in 2016 as an initiation of IT professionals, Academicians, and IT enthusiasts from Government and private sector to build a responsible and reliable institution that can provide guidance, support and services whenever safety, security, reliability and quality of service are breached in Nepali organizations.

    Throughout its journey, npCert has collaborated with Nepali and international organizations forming a global alliance and bringing in global expertise in Nepal’s cyber security arena. From awareness raising programs to Global Cyber Security Summit, npCert’s contributions in Nepal’s cyber landscape have received appreciations from various government agencies, businesses and the society. npCert has well orchestrated a professional support network by collaborating with ThaiCert, TechCert, CheckPoint etc. on various occasions. 

    In the coming days, npCert strives to grow further and collaborate more to establish itself as a responsible CERT in Nepal for Nepali organizations.

    In the current context of growing use of digital services during the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber security attacks are also increasing. To address this issue, npCert has started a National Cybersecurity Dialogue series in Multi-Stakeholder Approach focusing on strategies and solutions that Nepali organizations can adapt to deliver safe, secure and reliable digital services to their consumers.

    And, our program for today is “Role of Ethical Hackers for National Security”.

    A. Program Objectives

    • To identify the role of ethical hackers and their support in protecting the public, organizations, and governments from cybersecurity attacks. 

    B. Target audience

    We are expecting participants from various background, including but not limited to :

    • IT Professionals
    • Ethical Hackers
    • Businesses
    • Government Agencies 

    C. Speaker profile

    Speakers and Moderator in a banner

    Mr. Baburam Aryal | CEO at Delta Law

    Babu Ram Aryal is a prominent Cyber Law and Media Technology expert, based in Kathmandu. He has extensive experience and knowledge on International Business Law, Intellectual Property Law and Telecommunication Law.

    Mr. Aryal has significant intervention at national and international level research on cyber law and policy. Some of major involvements are: “Cyber Crime Trends in Nepal-2015” conducted for the Office of the Controller of Certification Authority, “Review of the ICT laws in Nepal, 2013”, conducted for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, “Drafting Umbrella IT Bill, 2014”, conducted for Department of IT and “Drafting E-Governance Bill, 2013” conducted for High Level Commission for Information Technology, “Use of Criminal Laws to curb Freedom of Expression Online” conducted for Internet Society Nepal. At International level, he lead the research team for Affordability Index for 10 South and South East Asian Economies.

    Mr. Aryal holds Masters Degree in Law (LLM) from Pune University, India and went to Oxford-Annenberg Summer Institute, Oxford, UK and US Telecommunication Training Institute (USTTI), Washington DC where he trained on Media Policy, Cybersecurity and ICT Policy. He teaches (Part Time) Cyber Law and Intellectual Property Law at Tribhuvan University, the oldest University in Nepal.

    Mr. Dilli Prasad Sharma | Founder Member of npCert

    PhD in Computer Science, Cybersecurity
    University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ

    Dr. Sharma is a Member of Board of Directors of the Samriddhi College, Lokanthali Bhaktapur. He received a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. His research interests include  Cybersecurity, Moving Target Defense,  Security Metrics and Measurements, and Cybersecurity Modeling and Analysis of Emerging Computing and Network Technologies such as Cloud Computing, IoT, and SDNs.

    Dr. Rajib Subba | DIG, Director at Communication Directorate, Nepal Police HQ

    PhD in Communication and Information Science
    University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA

    Dr. Rajib Subba, Deputy Inspector General of Police, is the Director of Communication Directorate, Nepal Police Headquarters, Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a visiting faculty at Kings College Kathmandu, Tribhuvan University and University of Agder, Norway. He teaches MIS, Leadership and Crisis Management. 

    His interdisciplinary academic qualifications include BE in Electronics and Communication (India), MBA in MIS (Nepal) and PhD in Communication and Information Sciences (Hawaii, USA). His research explores Crisis Management, Social Media and Cyber Security and he is credited with several articles and research papers as well as ICT Publications. 

    In 2015, he was awarded with National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) Award by Prime Minister of Nepal.

    Mr. Ramesh Pokharel | Assistant Director, National Information Technology Center

    Ms. Roja Kiran Basukala | Deputy Director at NTA and Third Vice President at CSRI Nepal

    Ms. Basukala is a young and energetic Engineer looking for research in cybersecurity and information security in Nepal. She is working at Nepal Telecommunications Authority as a Deputy Director where a part of her job description includes cybersecurity in Nepal. She has published research papers in Residential home network security in IEEE and other conferences and journals.

    Mr. Saroj Kafle | ISO at Siddhartha Bank and Founder Member of CSRI Nepal

    Information security Officer at Siddhartha Bank Limited. He has significant experience in IT Audit, technology governance, information security, risk management and project management in the financial sector for 14+ years. He is a Founder member of Center for Cyber Security and Research Innovation (CSRI).

    A dedicated results-oriented IT Security Professional who applies knowledge and skills  to protect an organization’s vital information assets through vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on corporate network and Web applications .He also  enjoys occasional speaking engagements and welcomes opportunities to share his experiences contributing back to Industry.

    D. Registration Details

    E. Mode of Dialogue

    • Pre-moderated topic and questions to the speakers
    • Moderated questions are accepted during the session for QA session

    F. Proposed Program Time-line

    • 14:00 Dash Call
    • 14:05 Opening Remarks By President of npCert Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari
    • 14:10 npCert Activities By Director of npCert Mr. Suresh Bhandari
    • 14:25 Short Notes by Distinguished Guests / Chief Guest
    • 14:30 Session Moderation By VP of npCert Mr. Kumar Pudasaini
      • Session chairing By Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya
      • Issue/topic in round-robin fashion 
      • Questions from the audience
      • Wrap up By Moderator
    • 15:20 Vote of Thanks By GS of CSRI – Mr. Shaligram Parajuli
    • 15:25 Closing By Sr. VP of npCert Mr. Pramod Parajuli 

    Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/288701119181917/

    Event Coverage:



    G. Discussion Made within The Following Topics : 

    1. Current Situation and Challenges 
    2. Opportunities
    3. How to build effective Roadmap
    4. Conclusions with Role of CERT